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An Ecologically Conscious Lifestyle

I have always had an interest in being kind to the planet, especially as this is our only Earth. I find ourselves being in partnership with non human nature, as we feed off one another, creating a balance in the world. Rather than have humans be the dominant life form, I feel as if we can be more humble in recognizing the experiences and the offerings that all life has to offer. And where others fall short of resources or respect, we, in a space of privilege and power, are able to do something to help.

We can serve a greater purpose than ourselves when we think of the planet and how it provides us the resources to live. Without it, we would not be able to thrive. I honestly believe that the little things we do add up, and that the little things we give and offer matter. Any action that can benefit the planet will benefit humanity as a whole, and that in itself is a beautiful concept to me.

Currently, I am exploring the idea of low impact versus zero waste, since I personally believe zero waste is not possible in our world. I have had plenty of conversations with people throughout college and in general about the plausibility and functionality of “zero waste” and realized that it isn’t achievable for all people. My goal is to give people something that works for them, something they are willing to incorporate in their lives. In my honest opinion, low impact is the way to go, as it can be universally applied in not only your environmental impact, but in your social impact as well.

I believe that we should love the Earth as much as we love the people around us. When you think about it, we put so much of our hearts into the people we love and the work we do (assuming we are working with a passion), but have you ever thought of the love that the Earth deserves? I am all for the “love people, use things” mentality, but I want to also ensure that we do what we can to pay respect to the planet that has provided us with a home and place to simply breathe. 

Although Eril on Earth is a place of emotional vulnerability amongst humans, I also highlight throughout my blog my thoughts of the planet, human interactions with it, and how we can improve ourselves to provide a better future for those to come. 

If you’re curious, you can read what my environmental ethic is all about here. Studying at the College of Natural Resources truly strengthened my love for the world we live in.

Let’s do our part to love the earth.

* [ link to resources on sustainability in progress ]