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Hi, my name is Eril, and this is my story on how I came to embody the life of a personal growth blogger, writer, creative and emotional health & mindset coach.

I want to thank you for finding this space and allowing yourself to be open and receptive to change. Honestly, I’m so grateful to have you here. 

the beginning roots of Eril on Earth

I initially created my blog because of my fascination with intentional living & being ecologically conscious with my consumer purchases. It felt like uncharted territory to be on this  journey on my own without a role model that looked like me #magandangmorenx, so I decided to take the initiative to become that person for someone else in the future.

As I wrote content for Eril on Earth, something just didn’t sit right with me. I knew there was an integration of passionate topics I was missing. My narrative was much more than just advocating for an ecologically conscious lifestyle. I was involved in my Pilipinx community. I performed and left my heart on the stage. I sang to heal and watched others sing too. I painted and drew to communicate what words couldn’t. When school & the future stressed me out, I sought out creative spaces and written word to help me get through dark times. Reflecting on this all, I was then reminded of the types of pieces people loved reading — the topics that came naturally to me.

Self love. Personal development. Creativity. Vulnerability. Communication. Emotional Health. Cultural Identity. Simple and intentional living.

My friends and family would find my writing online and always asked me why I didn’t try to share my message with the world. I was told I was approachable, understanding, compassionate, and empathetic to a wide array of people, but I played it small and never put myself out there. Quite frankly, it was frightening to even consider the possibility. Seeking out a space to share my thoughts, concerns, hopes and dreams for the world led me to take a leap of faith to blog while I was working a 9-5 job after graduating college. After putting in the work to make Eril on Earth a reality, I came to realize that my gifts and stories were needed in this world. And so I began the journey of going beyond my comfort zone. With that, I now offer my skills in writing, creating and coaching to people who are introspective, creative, and seeking out meaning in their lives. 

My hope is for Eril on Earth to become a community for those who need support, a place of solidarity when we are hurting and when we are lost. Eril on Earth will be a place where you can discover how to be the person you want to be, to leave the impact you want on the world, and to find peace with where you are so you can always manage to be your best self. I want Eril on Earth to be a place where we learn to forgive, love, and grow from our experiences. 

choosing emotional health as my focus

If you ask any of my friends to describe me in one word, most likely they would say “emotional.” They’re not wrong — And honestly, it’s not a bad thing to be emotional.

It’s healthy to express your emotions, and it’s even healthier to know how to balance both positive and negative emotions, to know how to navigate these feelings by going through them and not avoiding them. 

By learning how to manage my emotions better, I have been able to grow into a better person, nurture my relationships with others and myself, and figure out how to use my emotions to help and not hinder the progression toward my goals.

I strongly believe that the universe blessed me with the skills of emotional intelligence and has helped open my eyes to my natural gift of coaching others to live their best life. 

My coaching services are tentative to begin end of 2019/beginning of 2020. Note that I’m currently a full time college coach, as that will affect the time it takes for me to curate a personalized package for those interested. Stay tuned for updates. 

what makes my coaching different?

I elaborate on my coaching business here, but to briefly describe my process of coaching: 

I know what it’s like to not know how to manage your emotions, to feel like opportunities pass by each and everyday because you are stuck, fearful, and uncertain to take risks.

I use the Co-Active coaching method to help my clients work through their limiting beliefs, identify their core values and clarify the goals they want to achieve. Throughout weekly, collaborative coaching sessions, we discuss and establish an actionable plan based on our Clarity Call Session + Pre-Session Questionnaire. I am compassionate, supportive, and empathetic, and through coaching, I plan to empower you to reconnect with yourself, so that you can live authentically and build the life you desire.

how my education led me to where i am now

As a first generation Filipina student navigating the space of higher education, I was not in an easy position. Ambitious and young, coming from a small town in the San Francisco Bay Area, I wanted to change the world and help it become a better place. I thought through hustle and good grades, I’d get to exactly where I wanted to be, but instead, I lost myself along the way. Conventionally going through school and working a 9-5 job out of college, I realized what else I wanted out of life and took a step back to rediscover myself. My education brings me to a place where I want to give back. I want to share the knowledge I’ve gained over the years, connect with other like-minded individuals, and teach others the value of their culture, the benefits of intentional living, and how achieving your dreams is possible with the right mindset. 

Often times, I hear from my mentors that if there was one thing they could have changed back in the day, it would have been to say to their younger self, “I believe in you. Chase after your dream.” Most people chase after the comfortable lifestyle of mundane living that we’ve been conditioned to believe is the “right” way to live. I know college works for some people and some professions, but honestly, the system is broken and cannot work for everyone. I want to use my platform to address these issues I find passion in discussing & learning about. As a first generation Pilipinx who graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, I feel that I hold a perspective that can ignite the type of conversations we need to have, both comfortable and uncomfortable. I recognize my own privilege within the conversation topics I will bring up, but I am more than willing to practice humility, compassion, and genuine communication to uphold a space in which we can all blossom.

Read more about my values here.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about my back story. If you feel a connection between us, check out my coaching services, subscribe to my bi-weekly newsletter, support me on ko-fi or follow me on my social media accounts. 

I love you all <3 

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