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My Intention for 2019

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I’ve been consistently doing yearly intentions for the past 2 years and have seen massive benefits in the way I live my life because of it.

So please listen dear, and let me start from the beginning.

In 2017, I chose my word for the year to be “blossom.”

I knew that 2017 was the year I would be graduating college and finally entering the real world (in terms of the workforce). My background had been primarily academic, due to my mom teaching me that studies came first and work came later. My decision to get a work study job in college happened when I persuaded my mom that me making money wouldn’t distract from my studies, and it would help prevent me from getting into debt. It was from there she understood my reasoning.

However, I quickly learned a lot about myself as I continued to blossom into the person I want to be known as – a person who acts in alignment with her values.

In the summer of 2017, I went to study abroad in Australia and blossomed into a working adult who also had the responsibility of being a global citizen. It opened up my eyes to the endless possibilities that the world can provide. Shoot, I’d even consider living in Sydney in the future, after seeing the potential for life I could have there.

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But anyway, I blossomed quickly in terms of my intimate relationships as well. I got into a committed relationship with my current partner, months before I graduated from college. Luckily, this didn’t become a long distance relationship due to me living 30 minutes away from the university, but I still blossomed into the best version of myself in a relationship. I realized how much I had been living in comfort and never pushed myself to really be bigger than I actually am. Being in this type of relationship that made me reevaluate my values and where I stand, I continued to blossom in the garden of Earth I was placed in.

Additionally, I found myself blossoming as I learned more about my finances and worked at a non profit full time. Starting on the low end of the “ladder,” I worked my way up to gain the respect of my coworkers and developed systems for their social media marketing, E-commerce, and shipping systems for our Diabetes Wellness Center on the islands. There was so much growth during these 12 months, and I didn’t plan for myself to grow in these specific ways, but I set the intention to look at all situations that came my way with “blossoming” in mind.

Since I saw the benefits of setting intentions, I decided to do the same for 2018. So last year, I chose the word “rekindle.”

After blossoming into the person I wanted to be, taking the steps needed to better understand my values, I wanted to dig deeper into what else makes me, me. It led me to think that I needed to rekindle passions of mine, that way I could have more fulfillment in my life.

With that, I chose to rekindle my passion for writing and here I am, ending 2018, with my beautiful budded blog called “whiteroseteaa.”

Simply put, rekindling passions of mine, escapes even, from the reality of my life was my initial goal. But eventually, the passions I rekindled did not help me escape from my life – it became a large part of my life, something I lived and breathed each and everyday.

The fact that I was able to wake up certain days, excited to write and to talk to people within my community, was amazing to me. I never would have thought I would be rekindling my ways of connecting with people virtually, or rekindling the public speaking part of me that I opened up to back in high school but quickly buried beneath the layer of shyness I claimed to have.

Going beyond my comfort zone in 2017 and blossoming lead to me wanting more, wanting to rekindle in 2018. So what is it that I want for 2019?

To “Create.”

I’ll be honest with you. I didn’t end 2018 the strongest I could have in terms of my business, but I succeeded in other avenues that I feel are far more meaningful to me.

I planned a lot for 2019. And I’m still in the works on planning everything out. For those of you who kept up with me on social media, I rang in the new year from the Philippines with my partner’s family, and there I also celebrated his birthday (yes, he’s a new year’s eve baby). Although I batched a bunch of blog posts, worked on a freebie for my email list, and began cultivating my resource library for people to browse, I didn’t follow through and complete what I needed to get done. But I’m learning to be less harsh on myself during times things don’t go according to plan. I’m understanding this is happening for a reason.

When I came back from the Philippines, I stayed in SoCal, recovering from jetlag and job hunting in my free time. I’ve thought more about the life I want to create and live, and I’m finding more heart in the purpose I want to live out.

Other than creating more content for @whiteroseteaa, I also started a new account on instagram for my travel, since I don’t want to focus on creating a website for my travel musings. I plan on creating and cultivating this photo diary in the new year. You can follow its progress at @erilonearth

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Honestly, the list can go on and on with what I want to create… and I can happily list them all for you, but rather than define the process in which “how” this will all happen, I’d rather just tell the universe “what” I want —

And what I want for 2019 is to create. To design. To live in accordance to my values at the forefront of my mind. And to be striving for the relationships I want to have with myself and others, which will hopefully live through my creativity and creations of the new year.

I’m so excited and blessed for those of you who have kept up with my journey thus far. I haven’t been present with myself and with others as much as I’d like, but I know people understand the reasoning for why I can’t always be 100%. And I’m proud of myself of what I have accomplished so far. The future is bright. And I’m sure all will be well in the end. It’s what we can hope for, strive for, and yearn for, right?

Let me know what you think of the whole “intention setting” process, since it’s been game changing for me, at least for the past two years. Good luck practicing your intentions in 2019! 🙂

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