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How to Set Monthly Intentions

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Monthly intentions are my favorite thing to do because it keeps my brain actively thinking about my goals. It’s also a good reminder of the yearly intention I put for myself, that I aim to live out every day.

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As with my yearly intentions blog post, I will break this down into small, manageable steps so you can begin setting monthly intentions.

But before I begin, I want to preface saying that you don’t need to start in January in order to have effective monthly intentions.

Intentions are so broad and deal with the inner work needed for personal development, so I believe it’s never too late to start working on your intentions. There’s no deadline for these intentions that you want to live out, so use this process as a reward and not so stressful thing to add onto your plate. Trust me, you will enjoy it.

Here are the steps I take to make my monthly intentions:

  1. Think of both your short and long-term goals.
  2. Think of what is needed for you to achieve those goals.
  3. If you want to break down your monthly intentions, you can also do weekly intentions to add on top.
  4. Repeat monthly.

Sounds simple enough, right? Let me get into more details for each of these steps to make more sense of them.

Think of both your short and long-term goals.

This is essentially what you need to do in order to choose your intentions accordingly toward what you want to see happen in your life.

For each month, choose either 1 big goal or 3 mini goals you want to achieve. (3 is an arbitrary number, but you can choose whatever number you like AND feel is reasonable to attain). These goals are typically short-term, if they are expected to be completed in a month’s time, but they can be long-term if they are a step within a larger process.

Let’s stick with the example I used in my yearly intentions blog post: Having a good family of your own in the future is the long-term goal. A short-term goal in order to achieve that is to show your appreciation toward your mom “x” amount of times. What kind of intentions are needed for this?

Think of what is needed for you to achieve those goals.

For the yearly intention, let’s now say the word you chose was “Now.” By using that word to guide your actions, you choose to act immediately, in the present and do things to show your mom now that you appreciate her.

The key here is to think of how you intend to feel, think and act in order to accomplish these goals.

For the month of January ( or any month you start), could set the intentions of

  • “Be grateful for what I have.”
  • “Give more than I take and practice not expecting anything in return.”
  • “Live slowly.”

Always keep in mind that intentions focus more on how you feel emotionally and how you fulfill yourself spiritually. Practicing gratitude, giving unconditionally, and living slowly are all intentions that are commonly practiced by people who live more in the present. They may sound like simple things to do, no-brainers if anything, but we live in such a fast-paced society that these items just fly over our heads. Which means ultimately, we don’t put these “simple” things into practice.

So be intentional, and act accordingly.

Add weekly intentions on top of monthly intentions to help break them down further.

If your monthly goal is to show your mom you appreciate her “x” amount of times, and you have…

  • “Be grateful for what I have.”
  • “Give more than I take and practice not expecting anything in return.”
  • “Live slowly.”

… as your monthly intentions, then you have two options (in my opinion), of what you can do as weekly intentions.

  1. You can brainstorm a new intention each week, dependent on your goals for that week. Ultimately, you should be consistent and make sure your goals align with the goals for the month. But there are going to be short term and mini goals for things you have to accomplish in your personal life, professional life, or academic life that you may need to tend to. So that decision is up to you.
  2. You can choose one of your monthly intentions to guide you throughout the week. That way, you are reminded of what you choose to live by and can keep yourself more accountable with that constant reminder in your planner.or whatever method you use for tracking your progress.

When incorporating weekly intentions, you ensure that you are intentional each week of your life. The benefit from this is you will hopefully feel effortless when you finally achieve your monthly intentions and goals!

How does the process of setting monthly intentions sound like now?! I know it may seem overwhelming at first, especially if you’re not used to the process, but with time and practice, it’ll become so intuitive to you!

You’ll realize what matters to your long term goals, what you truly value, and what steps you need to take to live a more intentional life.

Let me know down in the comments if you have a different way of setting monthly intentions, or even share if you want to try this process / have already tried it!

Much love to you all. <3

8 thoughts on “How to Set Monthly Intentions

  1. I believe that intentions are better than resolutions. The intentions I set for this year are simplicity and ease in my business. I also use a daily and monthly planner, as well as, my digital calendar.

    1. Yes Carla!! I believe the same in terms of intentions and resolutions. Because I think at times, people set a resolution just to set one, without intentionally* understanding and working toward their goals. I wish you the best with your business because I can see how your organisation skills will serve you well!

    1. I do weekly intentions as well, but I suppose I enjoy the process of tracking my progress in different increments: daily, weekly, monthly and yearly! Good luck with everything ^_^

  2. Such a helpful post! I have a document full of intentions that keeps getting longer and longer lol…this will help me to organize and more realistically embody some of these intentions in my daily actions.

    1. I’m so glad to hear that Kate! 🙂 I too am guilty of a long list of intentions in my past, but this system has really helped me become more realistic and organised in terms of goal setting.

      Good luck with your journey!

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