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Honor Your Intuition in Business and in Life: Entrepinays Summit 2018 Workshop

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* This will be posted on the Entrepinays website, as a guest post!

By attending this Entrepinays Summit, I was ultimately searching for my purpose, and this workshop allowed me to get one step closer to understanding what my purpose actually is.

Now, for anyone that attended a purpose workshop, keep in mind that we all sought out to discover the “why” behind the work we do, the causes we believe in, and the impact we want to make in our communities. These workshops were described as “crafting our vision for our communities and our businesses rooted in purpose.” Understanding our purpose helps us understand ourselves, so we can best serve others… and honestly, that relationship is undeniably beautiful. What came out of this workshop was simply beautiful.

I, an eco-conscious and intentional blogger, sought out Christina Ambubuyog as one of the Entrepinays I wanted to meet this day. (But the events leading up to the Summit caused me to forget, quite frankly). I remembered filling out my form and informing the organizers of this event what I was looking for in terms of workshops, mentorship, and growth, I wanted to know how I could be more in tune with my deepest desires and was looking for mentors that could help with that. Lately, I’ve been thinking more about the Law of Attraction and thought that if I have goals I want to attain, why not tell the universe and have it come to me. To my pleasant surprise, thinking of the people I wanted to connect with at the Summit made me constantly think of what it was I wanted. Though my encounter with Donna of The Essence Muse was inspiring and made me wish I was in her workshop instead, the universe heard my desires and made sure I was where I was supposed to be: in the Honor Your Intuition in Business and Life workshop with Christine. I constantly reminded myself what I wanted leading up to this event, and I didn’t realize how much of my intuition I was already harnessing to bring me the answers of what I needed all along.

Entering the room, I felt nervous not knowing what to expect. How was this to be structured? What would I get out of this workshop? Is she friendly, and will I feel welcomed in a sea of strangers?

And bam. We were given a worksheet. I love worksheets to organize my thoughts, write and doodle. I had a good feeling about this all so far. (Seriously, being given a worksheet is a good sign for me). She divided her presentation into 4 sections and in each section, I wrote mildly extensive notes, and not just for this blog post, but for myself. I could already tell this workshop was going to transformative for me.

Of course, we had to break the ice and tell everyone our name, major year, favorite ice cre-

Just kidding! We actually broke the ice by just saying our name, an emotion we want to feel from completing the workshop, and an action to go along with it, so everyone was moving and mindfully active.

After this activity, we delved into the content of this workshop. And let me tell you, Christine is a great public speaker: personable, approachable, and can connect easily with others. I wondered what knowledge she would bring to the table (figuratively and literally, as I’m sitting at this table, vigorously taking notes). And she proceeded with answering…

What is intuition?

There were 4 points that she brought up.
Intuition is the language of our soul.
Intuition is our way to connect with our inner guidance.
Intuition is a 6th sense.
Intuition is knowing what is true to you at any given moment.

There was a fifth point as well, which was:
Intuition is also a muscle! The more you exercise it, the stronger it gets.

Now what are the benefits of honoring your intuition?
One can feel empowered.
One can feel protected.
One can align yourself to your highest path and purpose.

If you learn to trust yourself, to rely on your intuition more, you will be led to a state of flow that will allow you to flourish.

i love intuition worksheet entrepinays

At this point of the workshop, I was in awe with what I was learning. I had not realized how much intuition I possessed and how I already have the answers I am seeking. Back in college and even nowadays with my current work, I think that I’m confused, uncertain of what path I’m taking and where I’m going, and uneasy with not knowing and being not in control.

Relying more on your intuition allows you to feel more at ease with this uncertainty. And it’s so empowering to feel this way.

Her next section focused on the differences of two concepts: Intuition vs Fear

So, what’s the difference between the two? How do you differentiate these emotions? For you Pixar (or Disney) fans, let’s think of how Fear was portrayed in Inside Out. He was a character that was often cautious and well, fearful of just about anything. This fear was limiting and if anything, perpetuated a state of negativity and spiraling events in Riley’s life.

Christine defined fear as something that hijacks intuitive guidance, thus making it hard to listen to the voice inside our head, which is our intuition. She brought things back to intuition and fear when it comes to life and business. She reaffirmed us all that it’s okay to be in fear – it happens. But she highlighted that to be more in tune with your intuition when making decisions, you have to work on developing a strong relationship with yourself.

But how do you differentiate intuition and fear? How do you know whether that gut feeling you’re having is telling you something you should use when moving forward with a decision? Christine made the distinctions in this way:

Intuition is present time. When relying on your intuitive guidance, you are in the here and now. When you notice the energy that comes from your intuitive guidance, you feel light, open, expansive and good.

In comparison, fear, most commonly in its form of ego-based fear (irrational fear), is in the here and now but differs in what it tells your mind. It likes to trick you into believing that you’re in full control of your life, often causing stress and not allowing the universe any space to work its magic. Fear loves familiarity, structure and safety. When you think of how your body feels when you’re in fear, you feel a tightening in the body, as if you’re closing yourself off to the world.

If you are in a position where you want to question the rationale behind a decision you made, ask yourself this:

“Is this message I am receiving leading me to growth and greater fulfillment of my purpose or is it based on fear and playing small?”

An example I thought about was thinking of not attending this Entrepinay Summit, in fear of being not good enough when surrounded by extremely established Entrepinays. But reevaluating my decision and thinking, I realized that if I went with that decision, it would not be made thinking of my long term purpose and fulfilment – if anything, it would have greatly hindered it because of the amount of connections I made at this event, and the lessons I learned after the fact. Now, if you think about the last big decision you made, did you make the decision from your intuitive guidance? Or from fear?

After getting the nitty gritty details of defining intuition and differentiating it from the feeling of fear, we were taught by Christine interactive exercises that we could practice to strengthen our intuitive muscles. This was essentially a practice on becoming more mindful of the energy around you, and I thought that was one of the most powerful lessons I got out of her workshop.

Before the month of October, I had been carrying so much negative energy – it was so negative and draining, that it even caused me to almost back out of going to this conference. I’m so lucky that my intuition lead me to what my heart desired and the universe brought me to where I needed to be.

Many people see intuition as an intellectual concept, and although it is quite intellectual (especially as a conversation starter: “Hey, I’m Clairsentient. What’s your 6th sense? Oh, you don’t know that your intuition is basically your 6th sense? Let’s talk about it!”, it’s actually a verb.

And I repeat, intuition is a verb, an action that you should take and test out. When you think of the energy you should have in your everyday life, often times, it’s not in your body – it’s just floating around. The purpose of honoring your intuition is to recognize that it exists and do the necessary steps to bring you and your soul down into your body. This practice of descendance is powerful, and your intuition is innate. Within you, if you harness it, is your intuitive guidance. And here are a few methods to be more in tune with yourself.

Why meditate? Because the world is noisy. You need to take the time to get quiet and to be with your thoughts. One of the Lightning Talk speakers, Sammay, mentioned the very same thing. When she tried to be in tune with herself and where she was meant to be, she took the time to be by herself, with her thoughts, in a dark place where she eventually saw the light.

We are all surrounded by energetic presence, sometimes, a little too much energy. We don’t give ourselves enough space, literally and physically. The practice of grounding can be incorporated in meditation, as it’s a way to grab our energy (not other people’s energy), bring it back to our body and the earth, and ultimately be present. A funny analogy was to think of the process of grounding like a toilet – we need to gather all that energy and flush out the excess, only keeping what remains to be ours and ours alone.

Replenishing Energy:
Lastly, we need to practice replenishing our energy. Through meditation and grounding practices, we must follow through with replenishing our energy and calling back the energy that we need to feel at peace with ourselves. To gain clarity of what’s important to us, we need to take ownership of our bodies and our energy. Sometimes, we leaves parts of our soul and energy in different parts in time. Whether it’s the time that you were heartbroken in high school, or that midterm you failed in college, or even when a family member passed away, you keep parts of your soul and energy in different places and you are never actually “whole” if you continue with that. To honor yourself and your intuition, you have to be mindful of where you are presently, and call back all that is you, back to your body.

i love intuition worksheet

This takes practice but you don’t need to meditate on your own. We actually had Christina lead us through this interactive exercise, implementing the points I highlighted above. There are also guided meditation apps we can download on our smart devices that can help those who want to meditate more.

After ending this workshop and our morning meditation, we were asked to share our experience with someone next to us. And once people shared how much lighter we felt, we began bonding over the shared experience of uncertainty and fear that comes with being more in tune with intuitive guidance. With the reassurance that we had done the exercise right, I could sense the room becoming warmer, as we grew emotionally comfortable with each other. Opening up the floor to ask Christine questions, I was surprised with how she answered everyone. Her answers weren’t direct answers to the posed questions, but they were words that had us pause to think and pushed us to shift our perspective with how we dealt with certain issues in our life.

For example, someone brought up how they are a highly sensitive person, and how being that way, they are affected by energy so easily and so often. Her piece of advice was to use grounding techniques throughout the day: before work, before leaving work and before going to bed. Because when we are absorbing energy all day, we need to make the time to physically take our space back.

Another person asked how to deal with the stress of everyday life or tips for handling deadlines and projects at hand if you’re prone to procrastination. Christina’s response to this was fascinating to me, because she said to ask yourself in the morning “What does my soul want for me? Is what I do in full alignment with me?” and to honor who you are. From there, you have to commit to your day and actions and let yourself naturally want to complete things. It kind of brought me back to our grounding exercises and being mindful of what your goals are and how they align with your purpose. This was mind blowing to me – a simple and indirect answer that really got me thinking.

Eventually, our hour workshop came to an end and I, along with others in the room, signed up to have a complimentary phone call with Christina after the event. She even invited us to take her quiz to figure out what our 6th sense is and to watch a video guide that helps us strengthen that natural ability of ours. The link to it can be found on her website. I highly suggest taking this quiz to learn a little more about yourself. Who knows? Maybe you’ll start to use more of your intuition when making decisions in your business and life. It’s a great skill to master, and I’m sure Christina would agree.

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