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Benefits of Decluttering

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Most of us can attest to the fact that we have been conditioned to believe that having more equates to being happier in life. But then you start to read articles and hear about people in the news who are unfulfilled despite having all the money and material items they could ever dream of.

Why is that?

Material items can only fill so much of a void within us. To an extent, having material items represent our personality and our status, and it can be used in a positive manner. However, our hyperconsumeristic society rejects the positive process of allowing material items in our life and allows the items to take over defining our character. And from there, we lose ourselves.

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If you have not mastered the practice of allowing only what you need and what serves you into your life, a declutter can help. And decluttering isn’t limited to just physical and tangible items. You can do mental declutters and digital declutters. The act of decluttering is a way to tidy up, organise and move forward in your life with items and ideas that help you live at your best.

Here I list 5 benefits of decluttering I have found over the years, since I started in 2016.

  1. You begin to understand your values.
    • Sure, you may not have environmental values like I do, but you can see what items truly make you happy or serve you in your life. Family gifts, school notes from your middle school (and potentially miserable) years, paintings of artwork you liked back in the day, to random plushes, mismatched furniture, and loads of towels you don’t use — you name it. What you keep and take care of is a reflection of you. Whether you value family connection, being a hospitable host when people come over, or providing an atmosphere of art and creativity, ensuring you keep what you actually want in your life can reveal more about yourself than you knew before.
  2. You can enter your space with more clarity.
    • If you declutter your home and give every item a place, rather than having everything scattered, you will feel less overwhelmed and feel more clear about your environment. Likewise, the same process can be applied to mental and digital clutter. Organizing your google drive or the items on your phone can really help you find what you need immediately, removing the barrier to clarity and pushing you to get your tasks accomplished.
  3. You’ll become more conscious with what you bring into your life.
    • Doing a declutter is not a one time thing. It is a process for you to master. Therefore, when going out to buy new things, you’ll start to develop the mindset of asking yourself, “Will this item spark joy?” “Will this item serve me or add value in my life?” “Do I really need it?”
  4. Your mood will improve, and so will your relationships with others and yourself.
    • When you declutter your own things (note: I said your own things, not other people’s stuff), you will find your mood uplifted. Your focus will shift away from material items and more on appreciating and loving those around you. By training yourself to understand the distraction that material items bring, you’ll learn how to focus on what truly matters in life and what makes it all worth living. You’ll also see that you deserve love just as much as the love you give others. And maybe, you’ll even become more open to receiving love. The doors that open emotionally and spiritually from the process of decluttering are wondrous.
  5. You will impact others and show them another way to live.
    • I think this is one of the most meaningful things that has happened in my decluttering journey. People were always fascinated by what I did back then, though they never really understood. Some looked more into it, some disregarded it, others jumped straight into it and asked me loads of questions. When you are able to impact and influence others to be a better version of themselves, you set them up to provide more value in the world. You set them up to influence their circle of friends, and then the chain continues. How beautiful is that?

I know decluttering can be a fun process on the surface, but know that there is a lot of internal work that goes into this external process, and how you grow from it is certainly life changing.

Do you have any benefits of decluttering that you’ve seen in your life? Let me know below! I’d love to chat more about decluttering and its positive impact in society.

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