Eril on Earth
Are you finding yourself stuck in your head and not taking action

Planning every step you think you need to take, absorbing countless information but still not knowing what exactly to do?

Feeling like there’s a part of you that’s missing & you want to find it, grasp it, and honor the dreams your mind keeps pulling you toward? 

I hear you, and I completely understand the fear and uncertainty that comes with feeling stagnant in life. Today that changes — I introduce to you, Align to Love. 💛

Hi, I’m Eril & I’ll be your coach throughout this process.  ✨

As a deeply introspective person, I grew up bothered by the fact I thought too much, mistaking “perfectionism” with the fact I was actually procrastinating & was afraid.

Afraid of failure, disappointment, judgement, uncertainty… the list goes on. 

For so much of my life, I made decisions out of fear. And the results I got weren’t what I wanted. I questioned why life was challenging me, but I never thought to question my approach to decision making.

When I decided to give myself the space needed to hear my inner voice and affirm my desires, asking whether I made decisions from my heart or head, THAT’S when I started to see results. And I want to show you my methods so we can co-create a plan that works for YOU.

Our time together will be dedicated to making sure you experience a shift in both your mindset & self-confidence.

I will empower you to discover your “why” for goal achievement, to find clarity & courage from within to move forward.

You’ll leave with a better sense of how you can live everyday authentically & align yourself with your heart to better make decisions needed to create your dream life.

What will be included in this experience? 

  • 2 Hour Video Call to dive deep & talk about a coaching topic of your choice
    • Zoom Link will be provided after completing our Clarity Call 
    • A brief questionnaire to understand your current position will be needed prior
  • Follow up journal prompts for reflection
    • Need more time to explore your thoughts? I got chu!
    • I’ll be sending over curated journal prompts to follow up our conversation, based off of the direction of our video call.
  • Recorded session + coaching summary notes for you to go back to whenever you’d like
    • This is the beautiful part of coaching — being able to return to this point in time, track your growth, as well as review anything that you may have missed in the moment!
    • You can take notes too, but I’m also here for you so you can focus on just speaking your truth 🙂
  • Personalized action plan moving forward
    • Again, the focus will always be on you. I am merely your guide to help you discover the path and choices you want to take. 💛
  • BONUS: Complimentary 30 minute Reconnect Call over phone or video 1-3 weeks after our session
    • This will be our time to discuss any breakthroughs you have had & address any additional questions you need guidance in. I’m here for you! 💕
Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching is just a fancy word to describe the process of going from confused on what to do -> clear on what you ACTUALLY want in your life. I help guide you through a mental transformation that will help ground you in principles to live a life in alignment to your desires. Just schedule a Clarity Call with me & we can discuss more there. 

I know, I know. I love to understand these details as well! Once you sign up for a call with me, I will send over a link for us to hop on a Zoom video call. This allows me to have the flexibility to talk to anyone all over the world & get clear on what you’re looking for. Once the Clarity Call is done and you decide you want to move forward, you will fill out a pre-session questionnaire, schedule in our 2 hour session, pay for the session, and get a final link to Zoom video call. 

You don’t need to come prepared with a notebook to take notes (although you can!) I’ll be recording the session and taking notes for you, so don’t you worry.

I do! I offer a payment plan of $111 upfront and $111 within 30 days afterward. 

Investing in yourself is a commitment we highlight during our Clarity call together. Due to my Terms & Conditions, no refunds are available.

If that makes you nervous, I hear you! Think of our time together as an exchange of your money for emotional freedom, self love and courage to go after the life you desire. The work YOU put in will reap the benefits of our Align to Love Session. 


Typically, these sessions are priced in full at $197 USD but for a special launch deal, I will be giving these sessions away for $111 — That’s over 40% off, literally one of the lowest price points this service will ever be. 🙊

If you’re ready to begin the process of getting out of your head & into your heart, you’re in the right place. Book a free Clarity Call Session with me to discuss where you’re at, and we’ll schedule in your 2 hour 1:1 session with me to co-create the reality of your dreams. 💛

Early Bird Pricing for Align to Love

$111 USD

Going up to $197 after 11/13/19 10pm PST!